Who we are

We are a diverse group of homeowners, renters, and small property owners that care about the City of Alameda. We are concerned about the issue of Rent Control and how it is dividing our community. We understand that there are two sides to this issue, and we seek a fair and common-sense solution for all residents of Alameda.

Attention Alameda Voters!

Last November the voters of Alameda overwhelmingly voted to stop radical rent control from coming to Alameda, defeating M1 by 2:1, and re-affirming that the current ordinance (L1) should stay in place.

Now, only 6 months after the election, three members of the City Council — Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Malia Vella and Jim Oddie — have overturned the will of the voters and replaced L1 with a more M1-like ordinance.

We are starting a voter referendum process to take this issue back to the people and put a check on this abuse of power. Click here for places you can find petitions to sign.

Alameda is a very special place to live. We have a safe and beautiful city with excellent schools and great diversity. We all supported L1 because we thought that L1 would not only maintain our city's beauty and character, but might also become a model for fair and common sense rent control in other cities. It was thoughtfully and carefully designed to be beneficial to both renters and property owners. During its first year of operation, it has proven that our confidence in it is justified. The tracking data developed over its first year of operation has shown that it is absolutely working as intended. Problem solved and Crisis averted.

So, why is it being changed so radically?

Political motivations? Statewide office goals? Why are these three City Council members ignoring the proven facts that L1 is working and seeking to adopt the extreme rent control from cities like San Francisco and Oakland? These radical rent control cities have some of the highest rents in the country, gentrification and far less diversity than Alameda. Do we want that here?

We, the citizens of Alameda, must stand up to the actions of these three misdirected Council members, suspend their actions and bring this matter back to the voters. To do that, we're supporting a referendum to roll back the Rent Control Ordinance to its original, voter approved, language.

Sign the Referendum Petition

The referendum being circulated for signatures that will stop the radical changes made by Ashcraft, Vella and Oddie and return Alameda to its original fair and common-sense rent control, Ordinance 3148, also known as Measure L1. Please sign the referendum as soon as possible – There's only 30 days from June 6th (July 6th) to get enough signatures to put it on the ballot!

Make your VOTE matter: Bring back L1!




去年11月阿拉米达市选民以两比一的投票结果压倒性地阻止了极端租金控制条例M1施行于本市, 并且重申保持现行条例(L1)的施行.

然而,选举后仅6个月,市议会的三名成员 - Jim Oddie , Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft 和 Malia Vella 公然推翻民意, 用与M1 相似的 极端租金控制条例取代 L1.

我们正进行一个选民公投,把这个问题的决定权还给市民,并制止这种滥用权力的行为. 点击这里可以找到请愿签署的地点

阿拉米达一直是一个非常特别的城市: 美丽,安全, 学制优秀, 社区多元化. 我们都支持 L1, 不仅因为L1会保持我们城市的美貌和特色,而且也希望它可成为其他城市即公平又合理的租控的榜样. 它是一个经过深思熟虑,精心设置的对租房者和业主双方都有利的措施. 头年施行数据显示了其预期的结果,证明了我们对它的信心的合理性. 问题解决了,危机也避免了。


政治动机?想下一步高攀州职? 为什么这三位市议员佯装未见L1的有效现实, 而试图采纳类似旧金山,奥克兰等城市实行的极端租金管制? 这些施行极端租控城市中的租金排列全国之首, 城市绅士化, 社区多元化远低于阿拉米达. 这是我们的追求?

作为阿拉米达的公民, 我们必须站出来抵抗这三个市议员忽视民意, 轻视选票之行为, 把决定权拿回到选民手中.为此, 我们支持选民公投, 将租金管制条例复回到原有的已经选民批准的条例.


目前有一个公投的签名, 其目的是阻止 Oddie , Ashcraft 和 Vella 对我们的条例做极端更改, 把它恢复到原来的公平合理的租金管制条例3148, 也我们已知的措施L1. 请尽快签署全民公投 - 从6月6日起, 我们只有30天的时间 (到7月6日止) 去取得足够的签名才能将其列入投票内容!

您的投票事关重大! 恢复L1!

请签名 阻止旧金山式的极 端租金管制施行于 阿拉米达