Who we are

We are a diverse group of homeowners, renters, and small property owners that care about the City of Alameda. We are concerned about the issue of Rent Control and how it is dividing our community. We understand that there are two sides to this issue, and we seek a fair and common-sense solution for all residents of Alameda.

A Successful Petition for a Referendum

Last November the voters of Alameda overwhelmingly voted to stop radical rent control from coming to Alameda, defeating M1 by 2:1, and re-affirming that the current Ordinance 3148 (L1) should stay in place. But only 6 months after the election, three members of the City Council – Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Malia Vella and Jim Oddie – tried to overturned the will of the voters and replace L1 with the M1-like Ordinance 3180. (More information here at Alameda Merry-Go-Round)

To counter-act this attempted subversion of the will of the voters, a petition to roll back those changes was circulated for signatures to put a referendum on the ballot in the next election. It handily got more than enough signatures in only two and a half weeks! In fact, 7,295 Alamedans signed the petition. As a result, on September 5th, 2017, the City Council voted 4-1 to rescind Ordinance 3180, eliminating the need to put it on the ballot.

Alameda is a very special place to live. We have a safe and beautiful city with excellent schools and great diversity. We all supported L1 because we thought that L1 would not only maintain our city's beauty and character, but might also become a model for fair and common sense rent control in other cities. It was thoughtfully and carefully designed to be beneficial to both renters and property owners. During its eighteen months of operation, it has proven that our confidence in it was justified. The tracking data developed over that period has shown that it is working as intended.

What's Next:
Take Alameda Rent Control Out Of The Hands Of The Radical City Council

On September 5th a petition to turn Ordinance 3148 into a Charter Amendment was submitted to the County Registrar of Voters with 10,284 signatures – 3,073 more signatures than are required to be placed on the ballot. Once the signatures are verified, the City Council will decide when the measure will be put on the ballot.

The Charter Amendment is a permanent solution to stop further changes to the balanced and common-sense Ordinance 3148. At any moment the City Council could take other parts of the radical M1 intiative and put them into Alameda's Rent Control Ordinance. We need a Charter Amendment virtually the same as Measure L1 stipulating that future arbitrary Council changes are not possible. We need to put the voters back in charge of this issue, and make sure that we are directly involved in any future changes.

This is a MUST WIN effort—the future of fair and balanced rent control in our city is at stake. Please support the Charter Amendment so the citizens of Alameda can keep Fair Rent Control and stop the radical City Council from radicalizing Alameda. Read more here about how the proposed Charter Amendment would work.

Make your VOTE matter: Bring back L1!